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Hello and Welcome to ButterVine!

I have always thought the body will follow what you ask it to do. In this modern society we ask so much of ourselves, and there are so many demands on our time for both work and personal lives. A thoughtful approach to attend to our body’s needs can enable us to meet what is required to live our wildest dreams.

Throughout many years of striving to keep my body in top condition I’ve sought after and discovered effective ways to clear the hurdles presented by my particular needs. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances that drives their overall health, so each of us needs to find a highly specialized means of cultivating a resilient constitution.

However, there are some general guidelines we can use as a starting point that create a baseline foundation for safeguarding our stamina, emotional and physical energy, and the overall balance of the system that supports our existence. I’ve put them on a list you can print and hang conveniently to remind yourself of them, get the poster right here.

This is my short list of secrets, many of which are not so secret! But when you consider thoughtfully what they can do for you, you’ll see why I’ve included them as a foundation for ensuring my stamina, emotional resilience, sound sleep at night, and overall enduring health. If you’d like to know why they’re on my list, join us here to get a few emails a week which explain what I’ve learned about each in more detail.

Here are my springboard habits for a foundation of good health and beautiful skin:

1. Eat 1/2 cup of fresh Papaya every day.

2. Stop eating processed sugar. Cut all foods you eat that contain sugar out of your diet completely. Yes. You must.

3. Drink eight to ten 8oz glasses of water every day.

4. Replace caffeinated drinks and alcohol with green tea, juice, or water.

5. Do not smoke tobacco.

6. To moisturize skin from the inside, eat oils.

7. Use essential oils of tea tree and lavender twice a week to cleanse and restore skin from the outside.

8. Eat a variety of dark green leafy vegetables each meal.

9. Take as many yoga classes from as many different teachers as is needed for you to find a good instructor you can learn from. Practice at least three times a week, four is better. You will be amazed how this changes how your body performs for you and how it feels to live in it.

10. Learn what to eat to balance your body’s nutrition, endocrine system, and keep your organs at a high functioning level. Our lifestyles and personal physical dispositions affect what we each require. Tune up to your own needs to get this right.

I’ll be adding more as I continue to find ways to boost my body’s resilience, sharing what I know with those of like mind.


Ann Stramer

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Met Lots of Wonderful People at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market

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What a beautiful setting for a farmer’s market. We arrived to set up at 6:20AM, and while waiting in line to unload at our market spot, everywhere around us were huge oak trees and fresh green grass damp with early morning rain.

The Crowd at Tower Grove Farmer's Market

Avid Shoppers at Tower Grove Farmer's Market

The Market is just a few minutes walk from the Tower Grove Lilly Ponds, and everyone arrives in the early morning while it’s still relatively cool in the humid summer. Here’s a shot of the Butter Vine booth, located near one entrance, luckily in the shade of a 60 foot Maple tree. We were able to leave our new Peppermint Body Butters out of the cooler for almost three hours before the hot sunshine forced us to put them on ice!

Butter Vine at Tower Grove Farmer's Market

Our Handmade Soaps at the Tower Grove Famer's Market Summer Season Opening

Stay tuned for more about our new shea butter and cocoa butter body butters! They’re still in development, but we’re confident they’ll have the highest amount of shea and cocoa butter you can find in a body butter.

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At Long Last! Our New Recipe Has Hit The Shop!

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We’ve patiently awaited the end of the curing process for our new soaps, and many of you with us! Take a look at our store buttervine.etsy.com to find most of your favorites, a few new scents, and some really big bars of soap!

As part of our new formula, we’re using unrefined shea butter, which is dramatically different than the shea butter of our earlier recipes. The heat process that naturally occurs as part of the chemical reaction taking place when the soap cures does affect the properties of the shea butter somewhat. But to maximize the benefits of the butter that carry over, we’ve used shea butter that hasn’t been refined to bleach and deodorize the raw shea butter product. The result is dramatically different from our earlier recipe, don’t be surprised if you notice right away how much more moisturized your skin feels.

Each of the new bars is well over 4.5 oz, some of them closer to 6. If you find them too bulky, a kitchen knife will cut the soap easily.

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