Met Lots of Wonderful People at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market

May 7th, 2012  |  No Comments

What a beautiful setting for a farmer’s market. We arrived to set up at 6:20AM, and while waiting in line to unload at our market spot, everywhere around us were huge oak trees and fresh green grass damp with early morning rain.

The Crowd at Tower Grove Farmer's Market

Avid Shoppers at Tower Grove Farmer's Market

The Market is just a few minutes walk from the Tower Grove Lilly Ponds, and everyone arrives in the early morning while it’s still relatively cool in the humid summer. Here’s a shot of the Butter Vine booth, located near one entrance, luckily in the shade of a 60 foot Maple tree. We were able to leave our new Peppermint Body Butters out of the cooler for almost three hours before the hot sunshine forced us to put them on ice!

Butter Vine at Tower Grove Farmer's Market

Our Handmade Soaps at the Tower Grove Famer's Market Summer Season Opening

Stay tuned for more about our new shea butter and cocoa butter body butters! They’re still in development, but we’re confident they’ll have the highest amount of shea and cocoa butter you can find in a body butter.

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At Long Last! Our New Recipe Has Hit The Shop!

May 3rd, 2010  |  No Comments

We’ve patiently awaited the end of the curing process for our new soaps, and many of you with us! Take a look at our store to find most of your favorites, a few new scents, and some really big bars of soap!

As part of our new formula, we’re using unrefined shea butter, which is dramatically different than the shea butter of our earlier recipes. The heat process that naturally occurs as part of the chemical reaction taking place when the soap cures does affect the properties of the shea butter somewhat. But to maximize the benefits of the butter that carry over, we’ve used shea butter that hasn’t been refined to bleach and deodorize the raw shea butter product. The result is dramatically different from our earlier recipe, don’t be surprised if you notice right away how much more moisturized your skin feels.

Each of the new bars is well over 4.5 oz, some of them closer to 6. If you find them too bulky, a kitchen knife will cut the soap easily.

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