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Our craftsmanship, your health

We got our start making soaps for a booth at a local art fair. From the first batch poured, our interest changed from casual to fascination.

Soap That's Good For You

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At ButterVine we're serious about natural soap making. There are many base oils that can be used to make soap, each with properties that affect the soap differently. We use a combination of natural base oils that cleanse skin gently, with the right level of moisturizing to to leave skin fresh and soft. Our choice of oils produces soft silky lather and a firm, long lasting bar, scented with essential plant oils contentiously distilled to retain their therapeutic qualities.

We are proud to offer visually appealing soaps that subtly scent any room, uplifting and refreshing you, cleansing and disinfecting your skin, and soothing tired hands with gentle but effective natural oils and botanicals.

Our soaps are made with care by hand in St. Louis, Missouri. If you're health and environment conscious, read why the oils and moisturizers in our herbal skin care have a powerful impact on you.

  • Ylang Ylang Lavender Hand and Body Soap

    Ylang Ylang Lavender
    Hand and Body Soap $6.95